The Art League September 2023 Open Art Exhibit

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Quantum Gravity (24×24″ mixed media on wood panel) was selected by Regina DeLuise, juror for the September Open Exhibit at The Art League, Alexandria, VA.

This is a painting from my  Perspective Series – a revival of the tools, namely perspective grids, invented by Renaissance artists. My interest in contemporary theoretical science indirectly inspired this. Our understanding of gravity has undergone several facelifts in the past hundred years and is still evolving. Here, I’ve double-collaged (first digitally and then physically) two digital simulations of 3D sculptures, one I created and the other a stock image I altered on top of the painted wood panel. The merging of digital and physical paintings reminds me of how scientists try to superimpose macro and quantum physics. I truly grasp their struggle when I deal with simulating perspective while keeping the theme abstract. It is the same type of juxtapositioning that I hope will work and keep altering until it does. I let the viewer interpret the narrative here. It’s all about our perspectives and how they can be so different from reality if there is such a thing as reality.

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