The Art League – August emBODY Art Exhibit 2023

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My painting Actaeon (48×36″ mixed media on wood panel) was selected by Ahrong Kim, juror for the August emBODY Exhibit at The Art League, Alexandria, VA.

A few words about Actaeon:

This is a painting from my Perspective Series – a revival of the tools, namely perspective grids, invented by Renaissance artists. I first applied this depth-simulation trick to my otherwise intuitive abstract art in 2018. This immediately generated a somewhat surreal look, asking for more elements of dream-like visuals, such as stylized human figures. Inspired by Greek mythology—Actaeon the hunter became the hunted, watching the goddess of hunters, Artemis (Roman Diana), bathing—he was transformed into a stag by the goddess. This story is the iconic motif by which Actaeon is recognized in ancient art and Renaissance and post-Renaissance depictions. I portrayed him as a contemporary superhero while preserving the antique and Renaissance appeal as part of my Perspective series. The sun also plays a vital role in balancing the composition and further establishing the ancient pagan mood (sun worship).


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