Perspectives Solo Show, The Art League Gallery, June 2021

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Main wall of the shpw with 4 paintings

The perspective series is inspired by the rediscovery of the perspective grid among Renaissance artists. While the invention of Cartesian coordinates in mathematics helped move medieval art towards realism, in this series, adding aspects of perspective to abstract gestures results in a somewhat surreal look—vision through a prism or a kaleidoscope of broken glass. I use trapezoids and triangles generated by 3D grids as abstract planes to showcase colors. I further enhance some of my compositions with realistic figures and illustrations as positive distractions. They improve the composition by breaking the symmetry and changing the gaze or focal point. The human, animal, and insect illustrations are additional elements to display color.

The main player in all my paintings is color. There is no narrative in the beginning. The figures are born from spontaneous and subconscious gestures and marks suggesting recognizable and familiar objects. I replace some of them with much more realistic illustrations. I treat each painting as an independent being – in this process, it is the painting itself that dictates what it wants to become. And finally, it is always the viewer who interprets the narrative better than I do,” Bahadori remarked, describing his work.

See the artist talk video for this show.

Click here > to see some of the paintings from the Perspective Series.

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