“For me color is everything. Color comes before shape and form. It creates the space, dimension, and—most importantly—the feelings”

Artist Statement and Process

We view the world using our eyes with a limited color spectrum and field of vision. But what if we had compound eyes like insects, sonar capabilities like dolphins, or even used smell and other unknown senses to receive our vision? Or, what if we could see beings and environments from other dimensions and universes? Surely, in both cases—with alien sensorium and foreign objects, we would still recognize certain things based on our innate memory, just like glimpsing familiar shapes in the clouds or underwater with the naked eye.

Painting helps me realize those things that are not known to me on a conscious level. My artistic process is a spiritual journey that exists outside of the limited realm of self and intellect. I consider painting as a medium or tool to manifest my belief that what is undiscovered or forgotten connects to a willpower within us to appear. My art comes from my subconscious and, hopefully, viewers of my paintings will discover what is in their subconscious, forgotten or never born in memory. Additionally, the incomprehensible notion of space and time being the same entity (spacetime in mathematical/scientific term) has become the source of some of my paintings.

I rely on a level of uncertainty. I have developed a process of pouring, spraying, wet-on-wet painting and other techniques that are spontaneous. But I don’t rely on accident. I rapidly manipulate the results while the surface is wet by adding and deleting details. As soon as the result surprises me with what is new and yet familiar—I stop. The familiarity is not because I recognize one or two objects. To the contrary, the freshly born painting is completely new to me but it gives me a feeling that I somehow recognize this newborn appearance—a feeling of lost and found. I stop working on a painting when I experience a sense of déjà vu. I may stare at it for many days after and then edit it just to enhance the initial feeling while keeping it fresh.

Listening to what others see in my paintings, I am continually surprised by our common collective memory.

Recent Awards and Recognitions

December 2019—The Art League Best in Show Award, The Art League, Alexandria, VA > READ INTERVIEW >

June 2018—Anne Banks Award for Best in Show by The Art League, Alexandria, VA > READ INTERVIEW >

April 2018—Equal Merit Award by The Art League, Alexandria, VA

April 2018—Selected by WPA for the New York-Richmond Auction Gala staged in Washington, DC

March 2015—Evelyn Turner Best of the Show Award for Abstraction by The Art League in 2015 > READ INTERVIEW >

January 2011—Selected by Karabakh Foundation for a solo show at the PEPCO Edison Gallery, DC 2011


My mom told me that I started scribbling before I started talking. I believe that is why painting is the most primary method of expression for me. I was born in Tabriz, the capital city of Iranian Azerbaijan. Tabriz is city of carpets and miniatures. As a child I was inspired by colorful abstract motifs on carpets. I started painting at a very early age and won the “Best Young Artist” prize at age nine among the local schools. I studied art in my hometown and later in Manchester, England.

I have worked in various creative fields throughout my career. As a fabric designer, graphic designer, art director, and currently creative consultant, I’ve solely relied on fine arts and my continuous painting process as a source of inspiration. As well as a foundation for my professional life, painting is also my livelihood.

After years of making representational art and illustrations, I started abstract art in 2009, closely studying and practicing expressionist and colorist models while considering myself more of a colorist. For me color is everything. Color comes before shape and form. It creates the space, dimension, and—most importantly—the feelings.


I have actively shown my work in the UK, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. My first major solo show was in PEPCO Edison Place Gallery in DC with more than 85 paintings on display (2011), later in Aron Gallery, DC (2012) and DESI Gallery Arlington, VA (2013). My works are also regularly selected and awarded by the Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA.

More recently one of my works was selected for DC’s most anticipated art event; The Washington Project for Arts (WPA) Auction Gala 2018, where it was sold for more than twice the starting price with numerous biddings. This was WPA’s largest fundraising effort extending the submission map from New York to Richmond and increasing the number of submission to 1500 with only 200 artists selected. I am glad I could contribute to the fundraising for all artists.

Education and Training

Master’s in Digital Application Design for Textiles, The University of Manchester, UK, 1987

Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Textiles, The University of Manchester, UK, 1984

Abstract Art, Courses by Beverly Ryan and other instructors, The Art League, Alexandria, VA 2009-present