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The Art League January 2020 Juried Show

“Revelation”, 48×36″ acrylic on canvas was selected by Catherine Haggarty the juror of the Art League’s January 2020 show. This is an intuitive abstract painting using wet-on-wet and pouring techniques with perspective and depth added by the juxtaposition of the solid forms which create a push and pull of the colors and organic to geometric transformations. The title “Revelation” is about the birth or burst of the industrial and mechanical forms out of the organic core (heart). There is a lot here that is left to the viewer’s discovery and interpretation.

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BEST IN SHOW AWARD, The Art League, Dec 2019

“Pulling Perspective”—acrylic and spray paint on canvas 48×36” won The Best in Show Award of The Art League (Alexandria, VA) selected and recognized as the best in show by Matthew T. McLaughlin the juror of the December 2019 show. > READ INTERVIEW >

This was my third Best in Show Award by The Art League within four years. This painting is a two dimensional sculpture using a perspective grid that is distorted, folded while preserving the 3D look. The minimalistic approach to use of colors (black and white only) is to keep the focus on the forms. Unlike many paintings that depict a realistic perspective, this painting is created within the realm of two dimensions by molding a square based grid into organic forms on the flat surface of the canvas.

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The Art League November 2019 “Origins” Juried Show

“Trickster”, 48×12″ acrylic on canvas was selected by Antonio McAfee the juror of the Art League “Origins” show, November 2019. This is inspired by the folklore and mythology of Azerbaijan my place of birth. A child character by the name of “Jirtdan”, who is a clever trickster (hero) in many folktales, fools and tricks various monsters and giants. I’ve abstracted the narrative beyond recognition while keeping the ethnic forms and shapes alive.

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