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The Art League November 2018 Show

“Fumaroles” was selected by Margaret McCann juror of the November 2018 show at the Art League. This painting on canvas (36×36 inches) was a result of a spontaneous process in three steps:
1. Dying of a large thin paper by the rapid composition making of colored bleeding paper cuts on top and random water sprays, later cut and attached to the canvas
2. Large brush strokes in an intuitive action painting process
3. Detail work with a fine brush
“Fumaroles” resembles geological formation, flames, and volcanos with high contrast in both colors and forms—organic versus geometrical. This was a nice addition to my Fractured series.

The Art League October 2018 Show

“Closure” was juried in by M. Stephen Doherty for the Art League’s “Self Portrait” show and was on display for the month of October 2018 in the main gallery. From my narrative series, this mixed media painting of 20×60 inches on canvas depicts the “closure” with the past traumas while the fear of future remains. This painting was not preplanned and was the result of a spontaneous and intuitive process. I pushed it in the direction of more realistic illustration versus more abstraction which I typically do.

Doodlehood got on!

The “doodlehood” where reality and abstract merge:

The Art League gallery July 2018 exhibit:
105 N Union St, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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